Allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Goose Wayne, and I was raised on Chicago’s south side where I developed a great respect for community and culture.  When I was ten years old I began writing and producing music that revealed the perspective of “my” world.  I really don’t know if music chose me or if I chose it, but I do know that the more made, the more I learned about myself and how I connected to people through my work.  Like most entertainers, my personal trials and tribulations became the topic of many songs, and my decision to never give up helped me evolve & ascend to a higher ground.  My life is all about the energy and vibrations that I get to share with the world, and I create a universal & elaborate experience through an infusion of Funk, Rock, Hip Hop & Dance.  My unique sound has been enjoyed by crowds across the Midwest, including venues in Chicago, Detroit, Iowa & Indianapolis.  Currently, I have five new singles on all streaming online stores, and ten more will be released before my album, Kozmik Rebel, debuts in August 2019. Then, in the fall, I will begin a college tour. 

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