Goose Wayne is music that will move you spiritually and mentally. He's apart of one those new concepts in the world of music today with his self produced & self promoted style. Goose Wayne's flare of funk, hip hop, indie & rock wrapped up into one is very compelling and unique. Goose Wayne's style can be considered a mix of N.E.R.D, Rage Against The Machine, and classic funk. Which really verifies his all around abilities and skills as an artist, performer, & producer. There's also a huge self awareness and conscious level he brings to the table that really sticks out. 

Born and raised from the south side of Chicago now by way of Homewood,IL his musical influences are like a 24 hour all you can eat buffet, but his biggest influences are Kanye West, Public Enemy, 2-Pac, Outkast, KRS-One, Rick James, Rage Against The Machine, James Brown, Prince, David Bowie, NAS, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, N.E.R.D, Jimi Hendrix, U2, Nirvana, Lenny Kravitz, & Gary Clatk Jr. Goose Wayne currently is a independent music artist, producer, songwriter, musician, singer, rapper and for 7 years has worked closely with his close friend, engineer and co-producer Anthony "12 Tone" Thompson.

At about 9 years old and after his grandmother prevented him from cutting himself further than he did, Goose Wayne at an early age found music to be his peace, love, and passion where music helped him to love himself more. This is the drive behind Goose Wayne's music learning to love yourself in order to love others even those who ridicule you, dislike you, and hate you.  

Goose Wayne also currently has been was a frequent opening performer for Chicago's current top 20 local artist, "Austin FIllmore for the past two years and has recently headlined his last two shows as he starts to gain a great reputation for his funky high energy non stop jamming performances.

Goose Wayne released his first new single on Aug 17, 2018 called "Dreamer" streaming on all digital stores & platforms and his next single is ready to release Wednesday October 31. 

Goose Wayne - Black Gold record releases November 23rd, 2018

Previous events

Goose Wayne" Live at Powah Houze

Powah Houze , 2831 N. Broadway , Chicago, IL 60657

Come on out and dance with Goose Wayne for Powah Houze bar JUNE 2nd!! Don't forget to say you've come to see Goose Wayne at the door!! Goose Wayne will be hitting originals from his last album "Wayne Manor" on or streaming on all major streams. Also introducing some of his new tunes for his up & coming new project "The Inkwell Project"!!

Goose Wayne is bringing a night of live music infused with hip house, funk, jazz, techno, afro latin, and soul. If you love to dance and have a great time then this is the night for you.

Featuring: Vocals - Goose Wayne Guitar - TBA Keys - Aaron Ford Bass- TBA Drums - JT BadHabit Jones Sax - Zae Connie Percussion- Paul Van Altena Trumpet- TBA Tech- Juan Miguel

Purchase Tickets At Venue

Venue Location: Upper Level of R-bar - Powah Houze

Parking: There is paid street parking on Broadway or free parking in the surrounding neighborhood. Surf St is a good place to start if you are looking for free parking.


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Refuge Chicago, 416 S Clark St, Chicago, IL 60605

EDM THURSDAY 21 and Up / Free Entry No Cover Charge / Every Entry Receives Free Glow Necklace & Wristbands / Free Food & Snacks / No Dress Code

Event Line Up: Dj Lyft, T-Rock, Foxhovnd, Goose Wayne, Zach Tha Rippa

Marketing Promotions - Mickey Wozniak

Turn Your Lights Down Low

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Refuge Chicago, 416 S Clark St, Chicago, IL 60605

Just Play Entertainment is hosting a launch party for their new hip hop charades game called: "Turn Your Lights Down Low" on April 9th, its a concert party featuring some of Chicago's hottest artist & performers

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