Goose Wayne born and raised on the south side of Chicago in the Roseland community now by way of Homewood, IL his music will move you spiritually,mentally, and most of all physcically. He's apart of one those new concepts in the world of music today with his self produced & self promoted style. Goose Wayne's flare of funk, hip hop,rock, punk & pop wrapped up into one is very impressive and unique.  Which really verifies his all around abilities and skills as an artist, performer, & producer. There's also a huge awareness and conscious level he brings to the table that really sticks out. 

Goose Wayne currently plays with a 6 piece band behind him and delivers an unforgettable performance every time up. His show can be played in many of spots but his show really shines more when the stage is bigger literally. when you give this artist and his band enough room to rock then you're in for one hell of a night with numerous amounts of lights, flames, sparkles, explosions, he really turns a venue into a stadium concert its that dynamic. Not bad for an independent artist who spent most of his own budget to build his grand stage set.


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