Goose Wayne born and raised on the south side of Chicago in the Roseland community now by way of Homewood, IL. Goose Wayne's flare of funk, hip hop,rock, punk & pop wrapped up into one is very impressive and unique.  Which really verifies his all around abilities and skills as an artist, performer, writer, musician, & producer. Currently he plays with a 3 piece band behind him and delivers an unforgettable performance every time up. With Room 11 band leader Pastor Funk Pleez on Bass, JD's Revenge band leader Frankie Blaze on guitar and his long time friend Bad 'El Habito' Habit on drums and Goose Wayne as the main artist  and front man this makes a very dynamic combination. They call this particular combination Goose Wayne & The Kozmik Rebel Alliance. With Goose Wayne's various styles and abilities to create really creative diversified rock music he really almost can be deemed the new punk funk man of the new era. At times during his sets you can see glimpses of his influences such as a Freddy Mercury, Rick James, James Brown, Iggy Pop, David Lee Roth, Mick Jagger, or Kanye West. Whether Goose Wayne is passionately dancing back and forth like a mad man or sliding across the stage like Crisco oil covered the stage floor no doubt he is a top notch performer who creates very good music with a band that plays up to his mad man energy. Two years into it now Goose Wayne has been piecing the music and band together to find that right niche and he definitely has found it. Now with plenty of time in, recording new records, rehearsing hours on in, and several shows under their belt together. Goose Wayne and The Kozmik Rebel Alliance looks to start making a bigger mark around Chicago and the rest of the world. 


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